Venus side event retro at Fil-SG

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3 min readSep 29, 2022


Venus team attended the biggest ever Filecoin event in Singapore during Sept 27th-28th. It was a great opportunity for Filecoin ecosystem builders to meet and chat with each other.

Not only that Venus has a booth in the venue, Venus has also held a side event to better communicate with the community members in the morning of 27th.

During the Venus side event, one of the Venus core contributors — Fatman13 — was the host and he gave a talk about what makes Venus an important implementation in Filecoin ecosystem, which introduced “what, why, how” of Venus.

Felix Li the Founder of FileDrive Labs shared his experience of using venus-market to accelerate storage deals in FileDrive. By the design of FileDrive, it helps many clients start storing data on Filecoin. That integration between FileDrive and venus-market explores more possibilities to use Venus modules as part of the product design.

Clara Tsao, who is the Founding Director of the Filecoin Foundation shared how the Foundation is operating and helping the ecosystem building. Typically, FF continues to support the Apps that are built on Filecoin. With the realization of FVM, all the data and Apps in the Filecoin ecosystem will have an explosion in value.

Arthur Wang reported the progress of Venushub and the Venus community building. The Venus Incubator is helping almost 30 SPs providing storage service to the network and the Venus Deal Accelerator is sending out hundreds TiBs of Datacap to the SPs. The Venushub program under FF’s support is growing very well and eager to support more SPs in the community.

In the second part of the side event, we saw SP representatives share their user experience of Venus and the Dev Lead at Venus — Mike Li — talked about Venus’ development and possible developments based on Venus which are also helpful to the community understand why using Venus is an excellent option.

At other stages in other side events, Venus also introduced its design and advantages to the audience and got a lot of feedback from SPs, developers and many contributors. Hopefully, these feedbacks will help Venus grow to serve more SPs and builders in the future.

We felt the passion of the Filecoin community in Singapore, and the Venus side event in Singapore was only one of the meetings held by Venus. We will keep holding monthly meetup online or offline. Welcome to join the commmunity and build with us!



Filecoin Venus

Venus is an implementation of Filecoin by Golang.