Venus Product Line Launch and Naming

Filecoin Venus
3 min readFeb 17


Evolution of Venus

At the beginning of 2021, Venus onboard to the Filecoin mainnet. I found that Venus has begun to clarify the direction of evolution.

Year 2021: Distributed System

According to the design concept and principles of distributed systems, Venus provided a set of rapidly expanding and highly available Filecoin distributed infrastructure.

Year 2022: Chain service (shared component) + Local service (independent component)

The distributed concept is reflected in the efficient management of multiple storage providers, so Venus is more like a storage provider federation. Regardless the size of nodes, through the two-tier structure of the system, it provides safe, tough, efficient, and flexible storage growth services.

Year 2023: Sophon + Damocles + Droplet

The Venus chain service is renamed as “Sophon” product, providing enterprise-level node solutions; at the same time, the “Damocles” product is launched, providing enterprise-level data sealing solutions; the “Waterdrop” product is also released, providing enterprise-level storage deal solutions.

Venus Product Line Restructure


Venus in 2022 adopted a modular design of components, and Venus was divided into “chain service”, “sealing service” and “deal service” according to its functional structure. Each service corresponds to different sub-components. The various services of Venus have good synergy and relatively independent functions to meet different ecosystem business needs and usage scenarios.

Chain Service:venus、venus-auth、venus-messager、venus-miner、venus-gateway;

Sealing Service:venus-cluster、venus-wallet;

Deal Service:venus-market、venus-wallet;

Now, we name the chain service “Sophon”, sealing service “Damocles”and deal service “Droplet”.

Product Highlights

Sophon: Enterprise Node Solution for Filecoin

Venus’ “Sophon” comes with a high-availability solution to further ensure the continuous stability of node service. Through “Sophon”, ecosystem participants including storage providers, storage clients and DApps can easily get access to Filecoin node service.

Damocles: Enterprise Sealing Solution for Filecoin

Damocles reschedules the sector sealing pipeline with a more than 30% efficiency rise.

Droplet: Enterprise Deal Solution for Filecoin

Droplet can process storage deals (including verified data) without the need for users to deploy their own local node services. It is a storage retrieval infrastructure with flexible deployment solutions.


Venus has long been supported by the community and ecosystem partners, and many participants in the community have tested or used Venus. In the past Venus merely represented an implementation of Filcoin. After this product line upgrade, Venus will not only be an implementation of Filecoin, but also become synonymous with a whole set of enterprise-level software.

Venus aims to push the ecosystem forward by driving Filecoin infrastructure. Let’s keep building in 2023.



Filecoin Venus

Venus is an implementation of Filecoin by Golang.