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2 min readJun 23, 2022


As we know, it’s important to store more verified data on Filecoin. At present, about 20% of the storage providers in the whole network have provided relevant services, and their total storage account for nearly 1% of the whole Mainnet. There are still many capable storage providers having problem when taking verified deals.

To promote the development of Filecoin storage market, the Venus Deal Accelerator was launched. This program aims to provide verified deals to all storage providers who are running Venus. More details about the program is here <Launch Venus Deal Accelerator>.

Now, the Venus Deal Accelerator has started to send the first batch of deals to the first wave of participants. Those storage providers will continuously receive verified deals and provide relevant services for the network.

What is the Deal Accelerator?

The Deal Accelerator is a community program jointly launched by Filecoin Foundation and Venus team in May 2022. The goal is to support storage providers (or platforms) taking more verified deals.

The Deal Accelerator provides participants with free and complete Venus Chain Service with necessary technical assistance. Storage providers can get verified deals from the program without worrying about data source cost.

Why Participate?

In order to improve the value of Filecoin network, it is very important for more high-quality storage providers to participate in deal storage services.

Common problems in the community when taking verified deals are “lack of experience”, “unreasonable software and hardware configuration”, or “simply unable to find storage clients”. These problems hesitate storage providers taking verified deals.

Now the Venushub platform has launched the Deal Accelerator program to solve those problems of storage providers with a simple and user-friendly service. Venus has the potential to serve more storage providers taking verified deals.


Free: All services are free. This is a non-profit community program.

Large Amount of DataCap: in one year, a large amount of verified data will be stored through the Deal Accelerator, which will consume about 5 PiB of DataCap;

No Client Software: participants don’t need to install additional software.

ALT Data Transmission Support: it supports HTTP, OSS, and other data transmission protocols with more options and higher stability.

No Deploment of Local Market Node: Venus’ design can be used to directly seal the data transmitted from the Venus Chain Service, thus reducing the complexity of participants’ local deployment.

No Retrieval Cost: the retrieval request can be completed through the Venus Chain Service, reducing the retrieval time and operation cost of participants.

More Support: there will be support from Venus Master and the community (engineers, developers, etc.)

How to Apply

To join the Venus Deal Accelerator, please fill out this Application Form. Venus team will contact you as soon as possible.



Filecoin Venus

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