VDA Phase 2 | Venus Deal Accelerator provides 1 PiB Datacap for free to each SP

Filecoin Venus
2 min readJun 8, 2023

VDA has brought in more than 10 PiB of data onboarding to Filecoin network, which is more than 100 PiB of QAP.

Launching VDA Phase 2

VDA (Venus Deal Accelerator) is a project under the VenusHub platform supported by the Filecoin Foundation and the Venus team. It aims to promote real data storage and the development of related storage providers. Since its launch in April 2022, VDA has been running for more than a year and has brought in more than 10 PiB of data onboarding to the Filecoin network, which is more than 100 PiB of QAP.

VDA connects the sealing process with real orders and aims to distribute as many storage orders as possible to more storage providers in the community. Throughout the participation process, the VDA project provides SPs with complete chain services, deals, and necessary technical support for free.

Now, VDA Phase 2 has been launched, and both new and existing participants can accumulate up to 1 PiB deals (including datacap) per SP, which will bring up to 10 PiB of QAP.

Channels remain open

As a decentralized storage network based on blockchain technology, Filecoin aims to provide users with more reliable, efficient, and secure data storage and distribution services.

Venus, as one of the mainstream protocol implementations of Filecoin, has proven safe and efficient. To increase the total value of the Filecoin network, Venus provides a simpler way for SPs to participate in real order transactions, namely the VDA project. Participants do not need to install or register too much third-party software, nor do they need to run their market module. VDA maintains simple rules so that SPs can quickly expand verified data storage services.

We are still recruiting participants to build a stronger Filecoin network jointly.

Join now

If you are interested in becoming a verified data storage provider for Filecoin, we can provide more information and assistance. To join VDA, please fill out this application form, and the Venus team will contact you as soon as possible. For more project overview, visit venushub.io/zh/accelerator.