Upgrade Filecoin CC sector to DC, increase efficiency by 400% with Venus SnapDeal

SnapDeal efficiency increased to 20 TiB/Day

Filecoin Venus
3 min readAug 18, 2023


The launch of FIP0019 (“SnapDeal”) allows Filecoin storage providers (SPs) to upgrade CC sectors, replacing “0” data with verified transaction deals data, in order to have 10x multiplier to QAP and higher corresponding block rewards brought by FIL+ DataCap.

In the past, SnapDeal was not efficient, so it has not been widely used by Filecoin SP community.

Now, thanks to the launch of ‘Supranational’ and Venus’ algorithm compatibility, SnapDeal’s efficiency in upgrading CC sectors has increased by 300–400%, and production has been optimized from 5–6 TiB to 20 TiB. Welcome SPs and service providers in the community to use Venus and the feature for free.

SnapDeal becomes one of the best opportunities for SP

Storage providers (SPs) in Filecoin networks can seal two types of sectors in Filecoin:

1) CC sector, a dataset with a default value of ‘0’;

2) Unverifeid/Verified deal sectors, data from clients;

On March 1, 2022, the Filecoin NV15 ‘OhSnap’ upgrade brought the introduction of FIP0019 (“SnapDeal”) and “ReplicaUpdate”, making it possible to inject deal data into CC sectors.

Since then, there are two options for SP to store clients’ data:

1) Sealing deal sectors (i.e. sealing the deal of client);

2) Using SnapDeal to upgrade CC sectors after CC sectors are sealed;

As stated in Protocol Lab’s “Guidelines and Models for Upgrading CC Sectors”, upgrading existing CC sectors seems to be one of the best opportunities for Filecoin storage providers. If existing CC sectors are available, to minimize hardware costs, SPs may consider upgrading the existing sectors instead of sealing new deals sectors.

Venus Integrated Supranational

SnapDeal allows the SPs to take deals from clients and place the client’s data into the CC sectors that has already been sealed to the chain. Due to factors such as algorithm, efficiency, and GasFee, in the past, the QAP upgraded through SnapDeal across the entire network was less than 2%. And, currently, there are about 87.5% CC sectors in the 10.99 EiB RawByte Power across the entire network.

In August 2023, Venus successfully integrated the Supranational, which significantly improved the efficiency of SnapDeal. Now SnapDeal is a good choice for SP. Here are the implementation details of SnapDeal sealed by Venus:

SnapDeal upgrades CC to the DC sector through the AddPieces ->SnapEncode ->SnapProve. It is expected that with 512GB of memory and 2 * NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 machines, it can achieve a daily production of approximately 20 TiB, which translates to an increase of 180 TiB in QAP (QAP expand 10 times).


  1. Upgrade the components of Venus, damocles-manager and damocles-worker, to the latest version, and upgrade the droplet to v2.8.2;
  2. Complete the renewal of CC sectors in advance to ensure that there are enough CC sectors in the Snap candidate list;
  3. For the CC sector of SnapDeal, there must be sufficient storage space to store the upgraded sector of Snap.

Reference Configuration:

The peak memory usage is approximately 412 GiB, 2 * NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080, and each concurrent thread consumes 128GB (NVMe) of temporary storage space.

Test Result:

Welcome SPs and technical service providers in the community to try Venus to do SnapDeal. For more details or questions, please visit the Filecoin Slack #fil-venus channel for communication and discussion. We believe that in the future, more SPs will choose SnapDeal as an important tool for data storage business transformation.