Launch Venus SP Incubator Phase 3

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2 min readApr 25, 2022


We are pleased to announce the launch of the Venus SP Incubator Phase 3, supported by the Filecoin Foundation and the Venus team.

The Incubator will continue to provide technical and financial support for Filecoin storage providers around the world who run Venus to ensure the smooth operation of Venus nodes.

About the SP Incubator

The Incubator provides financial support (bonus reward), technical support (consultation and assistance), and free complete chain services (including Calib network and Mainnet) for storage providers.

Venus Chain Service is based on Venus’ unique distributed storage architecture, which is a cost-effective way to reduce the overall cost of hardware maintenance when providing storage services on the Filecoin network. Therefore, participants can join the Filecoin network with a lower threshold, making it easier and more convenient to provide storage services on the network.

We hope that anyone, regardless of size, resources, or computing power, can join the Incubator, contribute to Filecoin storage service, build more robust and resilient internet infrastructure, and protect humanity’s most important information.

Launch the SP Incubator Phase 3

We are very pleased to announce that the Incubator phase 3 is now launched, and we encourage all storage providers in the Filecoin community to join us.

The Incubator still set up a bonus reward of up to 100 FIL for each participant. However, unlike previous periods, the duration of the third phase is planned to be 12 months (you can join and exit the Incubator whenever during the 12 months). This extension aims to provide continuous support for storage providers and give them more time to access services; This phase will also bring more improvements to participants, such as the newly released venus-cluster; We have also raised the number of seats. You don’t have to worry about the limit on seats.

We have made more adjustments to the rules. Please learn more in VenusHub.

How To Apply

To join the Venus SP Incubator Phase 3, please fill out this application form as complete as possible. The application will start on April 25, 2022.

Note: This is a long-term program, so the application channel will keep open and you can submit your application now. Learn how to participate through the participation process.

If you have any question about the Incubator, you can contact the Venus team directly for assistance, contact us via email ( or Filecoin Slack: #fil-venus, #fil-venus-cn.



Filecoin Venus

Venus is an implementation of Filecoin by Golang.