FIL-Singapore Side Event|Venus Meetup Preview

Filecoin Venus
2 min readSep 2, 2022


Venus is one of the implementations of Filecoin that has been proven safe and efficient by the community. After the first Venus node started running on Filecoin in early 2021, there are now nearly 200 Venus storage providers providing hundreds of PIB of storage capacity on Filecoin.

As many storage providers and storage clients are looking for a way to join the Filecoin ecosystem, Venus provides practical solutions. The storage providers can be geographically separated as long as they’re connecting to Venus Chain Service. Thus Venus can help Storage Providers lower the cost and easier the devops.

Attending the event, win some swags and meet with Venus community!


Time: Sept 27, 2022 9AM(GMT+8)
Address: Cassia 3201A+3201B, Level 3 of Marina Bay Sands Singapore, 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956

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Joining us for Venus side event! Make sure you’re registered for the main stage programming at FIL-Singapore, APAC’s largest gathering of the Filecoin community, September 26–27, at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Use promo code “VENUS” for free registration — just click on this link to register. PLEASE NOTE: You must register for the main stage programming even if you’re already registered for side events.

Either you are a sp or a client,
a developer or a devops,
an individual or a team,

As long as you are a fan of Filecoin
Welcome to the Venus side event
There is also chance to win cool swags!

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Filecoin Venus

Venus is an implementation of Filecoin by Golang.