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venus-sealer is a module in Venus‘s structure that is mainly responsible for sealing, similar to lotus-sealer. The difference is that Venus is always designed around a more distributed structure. Now, we upgrade it to a version more suitable for this goal, which we call venus-cluster.

According to the experience in the use of venus-sealer / lotus-sealer, venus-cluster provides a set of cluster solutions with different ideas, simplicity, efficiency, and flexibility as the top priority, but also competitive. Its design ideas are clear, including simplifying logic, optimizing processes, isolating exceptions, reducing deployment complexity, and flexibly replacing functional components. Check venus-cluster to learn more.

About the performance test

Comparing to venus-sealer or lotus-sealer, In some cases the sealing efficiency improvement rate is more than 50%. However, due to the difference in configuration, we think our scheme can not provide a rigorous reference for many storage providers in the community.

So we would like to pick up two or three storage providers in the community. As the technical consultant, the Venus team helps you test and improve the sealing efficiency of your machine with venus-cluster, which is expected to take about a week.

We also hope that the test environment and test data used can finally generate reports and make them public in the community for your reference.

How to participate

Time below is in UTC.

Test network: Calibration Network;

Deploy: Venus team will provide chain services, so participants only need to run venus-cluster v0.1.0^, venus-wallet v1.4.0^ locally, Venus team assists in fast running;

Time 1: 04/18–04/19, Join, leave a message “join it” under this thread, and fill in the form about the machine configuration, @Fatman13 (Yu Leng) will contact you;

Time 2: 04/19–04/20, Confirm, and 2–3 SPs will complete the test together with the Venus team;

Time 3: 04/21–04/27, Run, use venus-cluster to seal and generate test data, including sector data for at least one week;

Time 4: 04/29, Report, generate test reports, and provide them for your reference in the community;

Hardware suggestions

The following are strongly recommended to achieve best result but not required.

It is worth mentioning that some designs of venus-cluster are meant for clusters of workers, and the test results do not fully reflect the advantages of venus-cluster. You are welcome to refer to the deployment documents, run them by yourself and share more with the community.



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