Announce the launch of Venus Master Phase 2

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2 min readApr 11, 2022


Venus Master is a program under the VenusHub platform( that is supported by Filecoin Foundation and Venus team. The Venus Master program aims to help more community members get familiar with Venus and Filecoin. In the program, masters will work closely with the Venus team, providing support to the community and earning rewards.

About the Venus Master

It is worth noting that, unlike before, partners who do not have their own testing servers can also join the ranks of Venus Master.

After completing the basic training, masters provide assistance to community members (such as storage providers) based on personal experience and training content. If you answer members’ questions in the community, actively participate in Venus events, meetups, and discussions, or put forward issues and discussions on GitHub, you can get rich rewards from the Venus Master Program.

During the program, Master can fully understand how Venus works and experience the latest operation mechanism of Venus. Although a master does not necessarily need to have its own hardware and technical capabilities, it is best to have some basic technology or operation and maintenance knowledge.

Venus Master Phase 2 Launching

We welcome community members from all continents to participate, so as to make the community members in all regions have the same mastery of Venus and build a more fault-tolerant Filecoin network.

In phase 1, we received nearly 30 applications, and finally picked and successfully cooperated with 4 Masters, who have made important contributions to the community. In phase 2, we opened more seats. Some important information is as follows:

Phase 2 Master Count: 12

Minimum Effective Service Period: 90 days

Max Reward Amount: 5,000USD for each Master

For more details, please visit

How to apply

To join Venus Master Phase 2, please fill in this application form.

Learning this document will help you become a Master. If you have any questions, please contact the Venus team.

Filecoin Slack:#fil-venus , #fil-venus-cn