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6 min readDec 29, 2022


Time fly. 2022 is about to pass and 2023 is about to come.

This year, Venus, one of Filecoin’s implementations, made progress and achievements in various aspects of Filecoin’s ecosystem, such as product, development, operation, market, community, etc. Let’s review the footprints of this year.

January 2022

The venus-market has entered the v2.x phase, bringing more possibilities for the deal-making flexibility of the distributed storage.

The venus-market is responsible for the formulation of the order transaction in the Filecoin specification. SP (storage provider) and SC (storage client) complete the transaction process of the real order through the venus-market. Combined with the unique distributed architecture of Venus, it can do more customization work according to the needs of ecological participants such as node operators or storage providers.

February 2022

Phase2 of the Venus Incubation Center project ended. The project brought some early users to Venus and completed the project mission.

The Venus Incubation Center project has brought users from North America, Asia and Europe to Venus. In this process, Venus and the Venus community have made more in-depth contributions to the storage, technology, participation and other aspects of the Filecoin network.

February 2022

Venus team became the first batch member of FVM Early Builder.

Ensure that FVM can timely meet the technical requirements of the ecosystem for applications at different stages, and developers can timely build systems and platforms on FVM. This includes teams with expertise and interest in smart contract programming, large-scale data, data computing and data governance, and becoming the pioneers of FVM.

The Venus team participated in the construction of GO-FVM-SDK. At present, Filecoin is actively promoting the virtual machine project based on wasm. One of the main reasons is that wasm is an intermediate language, which can translate other languages into wasm execution code, so that existing achievements on different platforms can be quickly applied, which is also an important prerequisite for the existence of GO-FVM-SDK.

March 2022

The open-source of venus-cluster brings more possibilities for flexible and efficien of distributed storage.

The venus-cluster is based on the summary of the pain points and experience in the in-depth use of Lotus and the old Venus. It provides a set of sealing solutions that are different from Lotus, and give priority to simplicity, efficiency and flexibility, but are also competitive.

March 2022

Venus became Notary of Filecoin Plus.

The notary was selected as the “trustee” of the Filecoin network, maintaining the guidelines of the Filecoin Plus program, and allocating DataCap to SC to help promote Filecoin to develop into a larger real data network.

Venus, as V3 and V4 Notary, connects SP and SC in a friendly manner and continues to provide support and assistance without reservation.

April 2022

The VenusHub platform was launched, integrated the Venus community programs, and launched new programs to provide the community with a way to participate in Filecoin at a lower threshold.

VenusHub is the resource center of the Venus community, sponsored by the Filecoin Foundation and maintained by the Venus team. It aims to support the members of the Venus community for a long time. Its current projects include:

Venus Deal Accelerator

  • Encourage the use of Venus’ SPs to accept verified data
  • Will bring at least 10PiB deals to Filecoin via Venus

Venus SP Incubator

  • Provide free Venus Chain service to help SPs join Filecoin and use Venus
  • Will bring at least 50 Miners to Filecoin via Venus

Venus Meetup

  • Online Meetup can establish effective communication with members of the Venus community, and Offline Meetup will further promote the satisfaction of users’ needs
  • Venus Meetup has invited 5+ ecological projects to establish cooperation with Venus at different levels

Venus Master

  • Recruiting members with Venus experience to help other SPs use Venus, usually by solving technical problems online
  • Community support personnel who have brought 10+t echnology directions to Venus

Venus Remote Operation

  • Helping people who doesn’t have devops and tech ability to start a node on filecoin

Venus Hackathon

  • Encouraging and supporting infrastructure level innovation on filecoin

April 2022

Built Venus bilingual official information channels to have more effective and efficient information transmission.

  • Instant messaging: everyone can contact the Venus team and community members at [Slack] and [WeChat] at any time to solve problems in a timely manner.
  • Media channel: everyone can learn about the latest development progress of Venus at [Github] and discuss it at any time. And can learn about important blogs, announcements and short messages via [WeChat Official Account], [Medium] and [Twitter], and view or review Venus related video collections via [YouTube];
  • Docs and Overview: As the main official website, everyone can get the overall information of Venus products and operations by viewing [venus.filecoin.io] [venushub.io] so that they can use related services.

Check all links of Venus here: https://linktr.ee/filecoinvenus

March, July and September 2022

Venus participates in FIL-Lagos, FIL-Toronto and FIL-Singapore, further participates in ecosystem construction and share Venus features with global communities.

FIL-X series summits are one of the important tasks of the Filecoin Foundation and the Protocol Labs to promote ecosystem development in 2022. Venus, whether as an organizer, guest or participant, has connected more intercontinental users with the footprints of FIL-X, which plays an important role in the development of next year.

October 2022

Venus SP Incubator has incubated 50+ SPs.

The Venus Incubation Center project was upgraded and integrated into the VenusHub, and renamed as Venus SP Incubator, aiming to help SP make it easier to join Filecoin to provide storage services. As participating users of the project, they will get free chain services and technical support with additional rewards for a period of time. This is a cost-effective method. Participants can enter the Filecoin network with a lower threshold, making it easier to join the network or develop.

Venus SP Incubator has incubated 50+SPs, including a large number of new ecosystem members. We hope that no matter what the size, resources or computing power is, anyone can contribute to the Filecoin storage services, build a more robust and resilient Internet infrastructure, and protect the most important information of mankind.

November 2022

Venus Deal Accelerator has completed 3PiB+ real data storage.

The goal of Venus Deal Accelerator program is to distribute as much storage deals as it can to the broader storage provider community with focuses on seamlessly bridging the sealing experience that storage providers are already familiar with to the Filecoin deal taking experience.

The Venus Deal Accelerator project is responsible for applying large public datasets and Datacaps, and distributing deals to users running Venus. So far, Venus Deal Accelerator has completed 3PiB+ verified data storage.

Throughout 2022

The Venus team has developed several tools in parallel in 2022, including Chain-CO, Metrics, etc., in order to improve the efficiency and experience of Venus users and make Venus a one-stop solution for Filecoin.

Throughout 2022

In this year’s mainnet upgrade, including NV15 (OhSnap), NV16 (Skyr), and NV17 (Shark), Venus’ upgrade performance is stable and smooth, laying the foundation for the fault tolerance of Filecoin network.


Let’s keep building



Filecoin Venus

Venus is an implementation of Filecoin by Golang.